The first time you try the experience it can be easy to become distracted by the environment and you may realize that you've forgotten to listen to the narrator. Some people have also reported that they were constantly anticipating something sudden or unexpected to happen, which made it difficult for them to relax and focus fully on the experience. If that sounds familiar, just try it again. On your second run you will have seen the environment before and will know the experience, allowing you to relax more and pay more attention to the narrator and the inner experience.

Even if you had an amazing experience on your first go, there's still plenty of incentive to try it again at another time. The inner experience can vary greatly from one occasion to the next so there are endless experiences to be had.


If you find it difficult to clear thoughts from your head, perhaps you should try the experience again when you have less things on your mind. If you feel like that you always have a lot on your mind, it can be good to know that your mental state will vary from hour to hour and day to day, even if you don't realize it yourself. Perhaps your state will never be ideal, but it may be better than the previous time. So just waiting a few hours or a few days may result in you having a completely different experience.

If you've never really been good at clearing your thoughts, then feel free to use the tools of the experience to your advantage. It may sound contradictory, but just imagining that you are great at clearing your head may result in you actually becoming better at clearing your head. If you have a hard time believing something like that could work, then try imagining that you believe that it works.


Having prior experience with meditation, mindfulness or hypnosis may be beneficial to you when going through this experience. But bear in mind that it could also prevent you from experiencing something new or different. If you've meditated a lot you may have grown accustomed to a specific result, and you may end up getting the experience that you expect rather than something different or new. 

Another form of prior experience is life experience. As you live your life and grow older you get to experience many different things. Based on your life experiences, you reach conclusions regarding what you like and what you dislike. You learn what kinds of people or situations that make you feel good, and also what types of people or situations that you will do best in avoiding. You get a sense of your strengths but also of your limitations.

But it's important to remember that after you've experienced similar situations with the same result over and over, you will tend to become more convinced that this is just the way things are for you. The older you get, the stronger these convictions will tend to get.

So try not to let your past experiences dictate what you think you can experience today. And try not to let your experiences today dictate what you can experience tomorrow. Perhaps life has a lot more to offer, and perhaps you have a lot more to offer life. It's up to you to decide which of your life lessons are good lessons that you should treasure, and which ones that may need to be challenged.


This experience is not meant to only be tried once. If you try it at multiple different occasions, perhaps days or even months between - you'll notice that the experience is slightly different each time from a subjective standpoint. You may also notice that you interpret the narrator differently over time. At one occasion, a specific topic may be particularly relevant to you while another topic can be more interesting at another time.

But also, it's easy to forget things. So make sure you go back to the experience once in a while just so you get a refresher and don't forget.


You've learned a lot of things in your life, and there's a good chance that some of the concepts in this experience are things you've heard before. Your mind's natural inclination is to disregard things that are already familiar in order to not divert its attention from things that are new and unknown. This is an absolute necessity in order to not become overwhelmed by the world around you.

But please be vigilant of this, because just because you've heard something before doesn't mean that you've seen its full potential. In order to get the most out of this experience, you need to listen and not throw anything aside just because it's familiar to you. And remember that even if you fully agree with a concept, that knowledge alone will not yield any results until it leads to action or change.

But there's also a chance that you just simply disagree with something that is said. You may then find yourself in a position where you'll either have to accept that there's a possibility that you may have been wrong about something and try out the concept with an open mind. Or you can challenge the concept, resist it, or perhaps just simply ignore it. 

Don't get me wrong, I think it's good to question things. But it's also important to not just question everything around you but sometimes also turn that critical attention inwards. There's a natural inclination to stick to what you already believe in and downplay or even ridicule contrary views. It's not surprising at all, since very few people enjoy being wrong. Most people strive for at least some level of stability, order and comfort in their lives - and having your beliefs put in question is thereby something most people tend to avoid or at least feel uncomfortable about.

If you notice this happening during the experience, you can always put the experience on pause and think things through. Why did you get that reaction? I'm not asking you to accept anything that is said without question, but I would like you to at least consider the concepts with an open mind. Just because you have never felt or experienced something, it doesn't mean that you can never feel or experience it - which, if you've read this guide thoroughly - is a concept you may have heard before.


Don't forget to let your friends and family try out the experience as well. Perhaps you know someone who you think would really enjoy it? Perhaps you know someone who would really benefit from it? It can be really interesting to discuss the experience with someone else who's also tried it. Perhaps they've had a completely different experience than you and you can learn something from each other.


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